Burning Test | 100% Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair.

Burning Test | 100% Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair.

Can you tell the difference between human hair lashes and synthetic lashes?
Do Not Try This at Home!

There are three contrasting features that distinguish human hair lashes from synthetic lashes. i.ENVY’s lashes are made with thin, flexible bands, and are light weight and natural looking, whereas synthetic lashes are put together with stiffer, thicker bands, are weighty and give off a slight sheen left behind from the chemical process.

Synthetic hair Lash

  • Synthetic hair retains the flame and burns quickly. Scary! Synthetic hair will smell like burning plastic or tire

Human hair Lash

  • Does not retain the flame; burning halts after you move flame away from hair.
  • Hold your nose! Human hair’s keratin contains sulfur and it smells bad when it burns. (It will literally smell like burning hair)

Now that you’re convinced you will never wear synthetic false eyelashes, here’s another tip to help you shop for falsies:
“100% human made” and “100% human hair quality” is NOT 100% human hair!
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