Recreate Your Favorite Celebrity Eyes

Perhaps inspiration comes from the red carpet or a beautiful magazine spread, either way we all want to look good—no great! The common thread we’re noticing… creating the illusion of bigger eyes is the key to getting gorgeous.
From explosive to seductive, i.Envy Lashes have every lash style to help achieve the look you’re going for!

Have you checked out our Juicy Volume?

It helps create the explosive 'doll-eye' look!


Juicy says go big or go home! The Juicy Volume collection is designed with a highly dense lash line which appears as if several coats of voluminous mascara have been applied—but without the clumping or flaking! Stars like Katie Perry, Jessica Alba, and Halle Berry are just a few gorgeous ladies that wear this popular look well.

And who doesn’t love old Hollywood’s glamorous appeal?

i.Envy’s Hollywood collection transforms your look into
this seductive 'cat-eye' look.


Celebrities are spotted wearing perfectly crafted cat-eye styled eyes everywhere. If you want to create the beautifully alluring looks you see on favorite famous ladies like Angelina Jolie, Emma Stone, and Rihanna, shop i.Envy’s Hollywood collection!

When you want to do more than just enter a room—wear i.Envy Lashes and make an entrance!

Expert Tip: Define your features to complete the look with precisely groomed, arched brows.

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