Ever EZ Trio Lash Collection by KISS

Ever EZ Trio Lash Collection by KISS
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Three times faster & easier than individual lashesMedium length; customizable density Contact lens friendlyPatent pending tray with easy grip and built-in glue pocket

How to Apply

  • Using tweezers, gently remove a trio lash from tray

  • Dip knotted end of trio lash from tray

  • From the outer corner, place trio lash on lash line. Hold, allowing adhesive to dry. Gradually work toward the other corner until lashes blend

  • Remove:
    Using strip lash adhesive remover or baby oil, moisten cotton swabs and gently massage over lashes.

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    @ 11:36 am (GMT)
    Love these . easier than strip and other individuals.
    • I have been using false lashes for about 8 years and wear them most days. These are my favourite. Best i have used., they are much faster than the usual 1 individual flares. And easier than strip lashes. I find these also look more natural than the strip lashes. Its great as you can also customise the look. I would love kiss to make a pack of all xtra short for people like me with very short natural eyelashes wanting a little more length. Or add more xtra short in the pack of short combo. They could be a little cheaper. But all in all i would definitely recommend! Thanks kiss for these wonderful lashes.
    • Fast and easy to apply. Can customise a look. Good quality dont break too easily.
    • Nothing!
    • Fast to apply, easy to apply, good quality, you can customise your own look, look more natural than strip lashes.
    • Not enough xtra short for people like me with short lashes wanting a little more length, a pack of just xtra short would be better for people with very short lashes, could be a little cheaper.
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