Fabulous French Gel Manicure Kit by KISS

Fabulous French Gel Manicure Kit by KISS
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Our newly patented French strips provide a precise fit with Gel Top Coat to ensure mega shine. With a choice of French manicure designs, you'll have a perfect French smile line with less chipping and longer lasting results.

  • The French gel manicure made simple.

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    Fabulous French Gel Manicure
    • I loved them. It worked get. Now I can not find them in any store.I original purchased it at Walmart. Now they do not care it. I have went to multiple stores to try to find them. It is good quality. CVS told me that they just pulled from the shelf to send back. BOO! I really looked forward to purchasing them again. If I could find them again that would be great. I don't have the time or money to get me real nail professionally done. It made me happy to find an alternative.
    • Easy and quick application
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