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"I get bubbles when i apply fake nails, any tips so this doesn't happen?"

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Feb 27, 2015   By: genesis delacruz ( Total Posts: 3 Joined Date: Feb 27, 2015) SEND PRIVATE MESSAGE

yea this happens to me too. The way I did it was by putting an even ammount of glue on both the artificial nail and real nail. I also press down on it and dont worry if the glue happens to start to spill out, I usually just clean it up with acetone.

Jan 12, 2015   By: Britney Monroe ( Total Posts: 11 Joined Date: Jan 12, 2015) SEND PRIVATE MESSAGE

This used to happen to me a lot when I first started using fake nails. The trick is to use a generous amount of glue on the fake nail as well as your natural nail--don't be afraid of too much glue. Apply pressure evenly over the entire nail using your thumb for about 15 seconds. Hope this helps!

Oct 16, 2014   By: Amorsito ( Total Posts: 5 Joined Date: Oct 16, 2014) SEND PRIVATE MESSAGE