French Wrap Kit by KISS

French Wrap Kit by KISS
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Create a long, lustrous French Manicure with this French Wrap kit. Just apply wrap bands, clip and seal for a flawless French smile line every time.

• 28 Wrap bands
• Brush-on glue
• Base & top seals
• Lasts up to 2 weeks
@ 03:24 am (GMT)
Hard to find in stores
  • I absolutely love the KISS French Wrap Kit. It is the only product I use on my nails. After spending hundreds of dollars in salons, this is a dream come true. They lasted more than two weeks and Ive used them on my toes too!! They were easy to find in the listed stores when I lived in OH. I moved to SC and can not find them anywhere. Can I order them online?
  • The quick and easy application
  • Not enough tabs , base and top coat for multiple applications
  • EASY PEASY .. Get LOTS of compliments
  • Not easy to find in stores
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@ 12:27 pm (GMT)
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perfect french smile line
  • I love these little tabs, I have been trying for years to do a perfect french smile line but nothing ever looked nice. The first time I tried this I used the top coat and base coat provided and it was fine but came off the very next day. Then I used the tabs with Shellacs gel and my UV light and it looks awesome. I am anxious to see how long it will last. I just did it yesterday, but it looks awesome.
  • the tabs
  • used as is,lifts in a day but with a UV gel this can stay on for a week.
  • Easy to use, versatile
  • no refills, would like to see just the tabs and glue sold together
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@ 12:03 am (GMT)
Don't Buy
  • went on wonderful but before 24 hrs the first one peeled, and then they all started either chipping or peeling
  • ease of application
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@ 12:58 am (GMT)
French wrap kit
  • I bought the French wrap kit twice and both times I have regretted doing so. The first I bought the kit I applied them and within hours the white strip began lifting and coming off my nails. I thought maybe I had applied them wrong so I thought I would try again. I was disappointed to find out that for the money I spent there were not enough wraps to apply a second time. I bought another kit so I could try them again because I was hoping that this product would work. I applied them again last night before bed and made sure that I had applied each wrap correctly. This evenin they are yet gone again. I have taken one shower and done a small amount of dishes twice and 8 out of 10 wraps had come off. I love kiss products and always buy your brand over anything else that is available. This is by far the worst waste of time and money that I have spent on nail products in years. Hopefully this will save someone else from wastin their money on this product the way that I have.
  • I did like the way my nails looked
  • It does not last and seems to come off in water
  • Does not last, complicated application
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