gel FANTASY Nails by KISS - Ab Fab

gel FANTASY Nails by KISS - Ab Fab
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Ready-to-wear color gel nails with an amazing gel shine and ultra smooth finish.

You can sport a perfectly polished manicure that stays shiny and bright with an ultra-smooth finish. And with two ways to wear, whether you choose to glue them on or use the mega-adhesive tabs, they’ll stay on for up to a week. 

What you'll get:

  • 24 Nails

  • 24 Mega-Adhesive Tabs

  • Pink Gel Glue (2g)

  • Mini File

  • Manicure Stick

@ 01:50 pm (GMT)
Gel fantasy top coat
  • In this particular product especially the glitter kind, the top coat almost immediately starts to peel off
    . The nails are ruined after that. I usually wear these nails for up to two weeks! Please get back to me I have wasted up to $100 on nails from your company. I don't want to have to stop by kiss products all together.
  • I like that they normally last for more than a week
  • The top coat is peeling off.
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@ 06:38 pm (GMT)
My favorite!
  • I ended up with some acrylics on at the salon for a few months. After they drilled my nails to death and nearly ripped them off of me to remove my nails are fragile and thin, as soon as they are back to normal I'm putting these back on! I can't wait until I can use my glue on nails again! I wore these type of nails for months and months. These are not nearly as damaging as salon acrylics. They are wonderful and no one believes they are glued on! Lots of compliments and they usually last me 2+ weeks!! Just keep the glue in your purse incase one pops off (rarely), then you'll be ready to glue it back on!
  • Great color and length! Just right. The color never chips off because it's all the way through the nail. I love that!
  • NONE - except not enough variety in this short length, please make more!!
  • staying power, length, Color, shine, look just like salon nails
  • None
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