gel FANTASY Nails by KISS - Ribbons

gel FANTASY Nails by KISS - Ribbons
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Ready-to-wear color gel nails with an amazing gel shine and ultra smooth finish.

You can sport a perfectly polished manicure that stays shiny and bright with an ultra-smooth finish. And with two ways to wear, whether you choose to glue them on or use the mega-adhesive tabs, they’ll stay on for up to a week. 

What you'll get:

  • 28 Nails

  • 28 Mega-Adhesive Tabs

  • Pink Gel Glue (2g)

  • Mini File

  • Manicure Stick

@ 12:48 am (GMT)
Love the products but not enough options
  • I love how these nails fit and how easy to apply they are. For me the glue worked well and they stayed on very well. This is my go-to for special events. I have very long nails, but I still like these to make them look better. I want to see an option for long instead of only short and medium lengths.
  • Easy to apply, look good
  • Not enough solid colors, no long length option
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@ 06:16 pm (GMT)
Tickled Pink
  • I'm getting over my need for french tips, so I tried these and I LOVE THEM. The color, shape and style really work for me. Now, when I look at my hands, I just can't help but grin. I do not care for or use the adhesive tabs though. Just the glue.
  • color, shape and style
  • wish they were a bit cheaper
  • Beautiful
  • Can damage natural nails, over time.
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@ 03:45 am (GMT)
  • Nails are great & they really do stay on if you give yourself a nice manicure, file the nails to fit your shape if needed and use a good glue. The glue that's provided is no good. If you use the kiss 30 second quick dry glue with the other steps your nails will seriously look as if you just got them done professionally. The colors provided are beautiful but pleeeeaaase provide more colors soon !!!! These nails are to nice to be limited to such a small range of colors.
  • The shape & wear is beautiful
  • Limited colors, too many glitter options
  • Beautiful colors, great wear time, natural, durable, shiny
  • Limited shades, to many glitter options
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@ 04:40 pm (GMT)
more simple colors please, less bedazzled ones
  • great fake nails - kiss, please make them in more colors: nude, bright red, grey, ................ the press on nails dont stay on at all
  • look
  • very little color options, please update your collection
  • durabiltiy
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