Salon Color by KISS - Vanity

Salon Color by KISS - Vanity
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Get a stunning, smudge-free manicure in an instant.Vivid, 2-coat color stays polish perfect for your entire wear a high shine and no chipping. And with both adhesive tabs and glue, you have to two ways to wear to get the most of your color mani.

• 28 Nails in 14 sizes
• Short length
• 2 g glue + mega-adhesive tabs
• FlexiFit technology for ultra comfort
• Up to 7-day wear
@ 03:17 pm (GMT)
Salon Color - Mocha Nails (65509 KSC01)
  • Quality is excellent. Color is gorgeous. Great fit. Long wearing. Only issue is the waste - if you are someone who wants to wear/purchase continually, rather than just once in awhile for a special event. It would be wonderful if there was an online option to order sets of your specific sizes once you have learned what they are after your first purchase.
  • The fit, the color is gorgeous, the longevity of wear.
  • That I only get one full set out of the kit.
  • Price, quality
  • Not enough of each size
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