Wing It Eyeliner Kit by KISS

Wing It Eyeliner Kit by KISS
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Want cat-eye perfection but can't get both of your eyes to match? You can easily achieve gorgeous eyeliner looks from mild flair to dramatic exaggeration. Draw up to 6 different cat-eye looks that are an exact match on each eye.

• One stencil, 6 looks
• Gel liner with slanted brush
• Waterproof, smudge-proof
@ 08:06 pm (GMT)
This sucks!
  • After all the good reviews on YouTube I was thinking this product was a godsend.. More like absolutely NOT

    I got the item, and it was nicely packaged, the eyeliner seemed to be really creamy, but the brush really doesn't work well (I figured that's how most products are with brushes) so I use my own brush, a angled eyeliner brush. And it seems to be just fine but that's the least of my worries..

    I got this item particularly for the stencil, and it's the worse thing ever! Very flimsy, doesn't fit right because it's flimsy, you can't get a good grip on it cause you have to use more than two fingers to hold it! It's perfect for my dominant hand and it did really well on my left side, but when I went to go do it on my right it looked like a big smudge! I even used tape to help hold It down cause it wasn't sticking to my skin like I had thought it would.
    Its a good thought, but really needs to be perfected.. The stencil needs to be thicker, and more sturdy, and try to get everyone with a different eye shape to see how they like it. All I know is I have hooded, almond shaped eyes and this is the worst thing.. I will never use this again, especially after endless attempts of trying to use the stencil. I even tried cutting it up to see if it would help and it didn't. I would NOT recommend this to anyone. Save your money and use some tape or a business card.

    Not to mention if you order it online, they want you to ship it back which usually you have to pay money for shipping it back and by the time I do that, my refund is gone! Insane..
  • The double flick style on the stencil
  • ALMOST EVERYTHING especially the stencil
  • Decent eyeliner for price
  • Almost everything else
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