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Lash Couture Matte BlackHalloween12mm

Matte Sheer

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Our most dramatic and luxurious premium faux mink false eyelashes have a matte effect that looks and feels like real mink! Full volume lashes feel totally weightless. Sumptuously soft, ultrafine, and tapered like mink, the diffused matte finish blends beautifully with your natural lashes for a truly authentic lash look.

  • Our first blackest black lashes
  • 3D volume for the softest, plushest lashes ever
  • Exclusive knot-free lash band is much thinner than other faux mink lashes
Use & Tips


  1. Gently remove lash from tray.

  2. Check fit: Lay lash on top of your natural lash.

  3. Trim if needed.

  4. Apply KISS Lash Adhesive along lash band.

  5. Wait 30 seconds for adhesive to get tacky.

  6. Once tacky, apply lash along natural lash line.

  7. Hold, allowing adhesive to dry completely.


  1. Saturate cotton pad with makeup remover.

  2. Gently press onto eyes for a few seconds to dissolve glue.

KISS Halloween 3D Matte - Matte Sheer
KISS Halloween 3D Matte - Matte Sheer
KISS Halloween 3D Matte - Matte Sheer