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Lash Accessory Kit

DIY Glitter Kit

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Create your own holi-dazzled vibe with the all-in-one Kiss Lash Accessory Kit, full of rhinestones, glitter gel, false lashes and more. KISS Lashes in Chandelier is a naturally glam cat eye flair, perfect for any special event!
Use & Tips


  1. Using dotting tool, a brush or fingertip, pat a sheer layer of Glitter Gel directly where you want to shine.

  2. The formula is safe for face and body but please avoid eye area.


  1. Use either dotting tool or tweezers to pick up your favorite rhinestones.

  2. Apply KISS Adhesive to the flat back of rhinestone using a cotton swab; wait 20 seconds for adhesive to get tacky.

  3. Apply rhinestone where desired and hold for a few seconds for maximum adherence.

  4. For extra hold, seal the edge of the rhinestones with a little more KISS Adhesive.

  5. For best application, use the dotting tool for small rhinestones and tweezers for big rhinestones.


  1. Gently remove lash from tray and hold up to your lash line to determine best placement.

  2. Apply KISS Lash Adhesive along lash band.

  3. Wait 30 seconds for adhesive to get tacky.

  4. Once tacky, apply lash along natural lash line.

  5. Hold, allowing adhesive to dry completely.

KISS Lash Accessory Kit
KISS Lash Accessory Kit