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KISS Instawave 101 Automatic Hair Curler 1”

KISS Instawave 101 Automatic Hair Curler 1”


The New KISS Instawave 101 is the most affordable automatic curling iron that creates beautiful salon quality curls at the push of a button. This foolproof auto curler creates tight curls to loose beach waves in minutes. If you have a hard time curling your hair or looking for a tool that will cut down your styling time, the KISS Instawave 101 is for you.(1.07 lbs)


  • Patented curl dial creates inward and outward facing curl
  • 1" Ceramic infused barrel
  • Fast heat up time
  • Reaches up to 400 F
  • Cool tip

Specs: 14x5.50x2.50

Step 1: Press power button for about 2 seconds.

Step 2: Determine the style and direction of curl you'd like.

Step 3: Once light indicator turns blue, hold Instawave 101 vertically and place a 1-2" section of hair in between barrel and spinner. Do not hold Instawave 101 horizontally.

Step 4: Press button to begin rotating the spin dial.

Step 5: Continue pressing button until hair is wrapped around the barrel. Hold Instawave 101 in place.

Step 6: After 8-10 seconds, remove barrel straight down to release curls. Do not pull Instawave 101 diagonally.

Step 7: To allow the curl to set, do not comb or brush hair until it cools.

Step 8: Repeat steps throughout the head until you have as many curls as you'd like!

To reduce the risk of death by electric shock:

1. Always "unplug it" immediately after using.

2. Do not use while bathing.

3. Do not place or store appliance where it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink.

4.Do not place in or drop into water of other liquid.

5. If an appliance falls into water, "unplug it" immediately. Do not reach into the water.