KISS Applicator


Makes applying false lashes hassle-free.

  • Mistake-proof rubber coated and curved applicator
  • Angled mirror with hands-free stand
  • Storage slot for lash applicator

The Lash Vanity Application Kit makes applying false lashes easy & precise. Attractive rose gold finish for fast, hassle free lash application!

  • Easy Grip rubber coated and curved applicator, with a flat end to secure lashes until dry
  • The cutest hands-free stand
  • The perfect angled mirror
  • Storage slot for lash applicator so it never goes missing

1. Hold lashes with applicator; place applicator in stand slot & apply KISS adhesive to lash band.
2. Wait 30 seconds or until adhesive gets tacky.
3. Apply lashes along your lash line, gently nudging them into place with the flat rubber tip of the applicator.