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KISS Quick Soak-Off Removal System

KISS Quick Soak-Off Removal System


Effortlessly remove artificial nails, gel polish & glitter polish without damaging nails. Place foam pad into cap and slip onto fingers--with a touchscreen compatible cap for your index finger so you can go on with life while you update your nails!

  • 10 Soak-off caps with grip dots to hold finger Washable, reusable & latex-free 20 Foam pads


Caution: Keep out of reach of children.

HOW TO USE: Trim and file top surface of nail to remove top coat.

  • Soak end of foam pad with acetone.
  • Insert saturated foam pad wet end first into cap.
  • Place finger inside cap with nail surface touching the foam pad.
  • Allow to soak about 10 minutes.
  • Use manicure stick to help remove any product residue.
  • Repeat soaking if needed. Discard pad after each use. 

 EXPERT TIP: Using too much acetone will cause leaking. Use only enough to saturate one end of the foam pad. Insert fingers with S/L faced up. L Caps are meant for thumbs & toes.