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Smoothing Eliminates Static & FrizzPortable

Ionic Brush

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Instantly eliminates static & frizz! With every brush stroke softens, relaxes, and shines hair.

  • Negative Ion generator for anti-static/frizz-reducing styling
  • Batteries required, but not included
  • 0.45 lbs.
Use & Tips

  1. Turn on the Ionic Generator by pressing the button at the center of the brush. The button will turn blue.

  2. Start with your head upside down and brush your hair from the back of your neck, working towards your forehead.

  3. Work on the sides before you brush the top of your head. When you get to the roots, don't brush too forcefully, which will cause your hair to go greasy.

  4. Finish by brushing from top to bottom, and enjoy static-free, soft, and shiny hair.

  5. Regularly remove all of the hair that gets stuck in the brush.

  6. Clean once a month with warm water and small amount of shampoo.

KISS Ionic Smoothing Brush
KISS Ionic Smoothing Brush