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RED by KISS Ceramic

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Root touch-ups? Get closer to hair roots without burning the scalp and smooth and straighten where a flat-iron can't reach!

  • Heat-resistant comb protects the scalp from burns
  • Ceramic Tourmaline technology
  • Variable temperature control up to 450°F
  • 0.45 lbs.
Use & Tips

Step 1: Starting at the underneath lower back of the scalp, use a comb or the teeth on your Root Straightener to separate hair into 1" by 1/2" thick sections.
Step 2: Beginning at the hairline of each section place the teeth close to the scalp and grip hair.
Step 3: Maintaining pressure on the hair, slowly slide the application down each section.
Step 4: Continue to repeat this process working your way up the head one section at a time.
Step 5: For added lift and volume you can turn the tool around so the teeth point up. Grip the hair at the scalp and pull as you slide the tool down each section.
Step 6: Use the tool to turn in or flip up the ends of each hair section to achieve the desired style.
Step 7: After completing all sections use the tool to comb through, smooth, add shine, and finish the style.
Step 8: Learning new styling techniques may take some time, experiment with your particular hair type and length to achieve desired results.