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About Kiss

A Korean-American company headquartered in New York, KISS takes great pride in being a global leader in professional quality beauty products and treatments, with brands available in over 100 countries worldwide.

Inspired by the power and excitement of life-changing beauty breakthroughs such as the handheld blow-dryer, which allowed women to break ties with the beauty parlor, Mr. John Chang–who started KISS as a tiny beauty supply business–has made it his mission to find ways to make life simpler & easier for all. With his world-renowned team of scientists & product developers, the KISS founder’s passion is to invent DIY beauty products that save women a tremendous amount of time, effort and money.

Empowering women to “bring the salon home” and express their personal style, on their terms, is the KISS WAY since day one, and it has thrived beautifully over the past 30 years.

Among many notable KISS accomplishments, the first DIY glue on artificial nail was met with rave reviews, but by far, the company’s shining star is the press-on nail. Featuring patented SuperHold technology and an amazing gel finish, this innovation literally revolutionized the beauty industry, giving women the ability to complete a much sought after gel mani, in minutes, with reliably long-lasting results.

KISS is also a major player in the false eyelash business. In fact, new technology and styling methods and trend-setting designs have made KISS a market leader in lashes, with a huge customer and celebrity fan base.

Most recently KISS celebrates its Korean heritage with JOAH, a complete collection of Korean beauty cosmetics which are quickly becoming award-winning best sellers.

Our Culture & Values

The KISS mission is to encourage an unwavering commitment to ethics, integrity, and excellence; to offer consumers cosmetics with the highest quality, efficacy, and safety; and to continue to provide cutting edge innovations that make every day more beautiful for everyone.

While the KISS spirit strives towards a better today and looks forward to the future of beauty, honoring Korean and Western heritage is also one of this company’s greatest assets. Under Mr. Chang’s guidance, KISS core values are based on trust and respect–for employees, for customers, and for the entire community.

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Kiss Products in the World

Kiss Since 1989

KISS 1989

Started from a small studio in Flushing, NY

John Y. Chang, Sung Yong Chang and Won Shik Kang formed a small startup company named Dae Do in Flushing, NY to create a unique niche in the artificial nail market.

KISS 1992

KISS brand’s first entry into a major chain retailer nationwide

Under the brand name ‘KISS,’ a line of 18 nail products is introduced nationwide in Walgreen’s Chain Store.

KISS 1997

Launched BROADWAY NAILS brand

The company launched the first national print advertisement with a successful "Broadway Nails” line as a second brand name.

KISS 1999

Founded Ivy Enterprises, Inc.

In July, the OTC Division spins off from Kiss Products, Inc. and merges with Gold Finger, Inc., which is renamed as Ivy Enterprises, Inc. (“Ivy”) targeting to the OTC market with diversified product lines such as color cosmetics, hair care, implements and beauty appliances;. Ivy is solely authorized to market and distribute Kiss and Broadway products to the OTC market.

KISS 2005

KISS Campus #1, 57 Seaview Blvd., Port Washington, NY

KISS continues to expand and grow resulting in a move to a larger facility at 57 Seaview Boulevard, Port Washington, NY. SAP system was implemented;

KISS 2009

Introduced “Everlasting French”, a patented dual-injection innovation

KISS enters the year with a 72% market share in a flat Artificial Nail Category. KISS launches a patented innovation that had been in development for 3 years: “Everlasting French Nails”. It offers a chip-free white French Manicure tip via a dual-injection manufacturing process.

KISS 2012

Launched imPRESS Press-on Manicure, an industry-transforming revolution

KISS enters the year with a 79% FDM and 66.6% xAOC market share (FDM including Walmart data) in a growing category. The “Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-On Manicure” brand is launched with multiple patents and a celebrity brand ambassador, Nicole Scherzinger. This game-changing innovation allows for incremental distribution in key retailers like CVS, Kmart and Rite Aid.

KISS 2014

KISS Campus #2, 3 Seaview Blvd., Port Washington, NY

Ivy moves into a newly-built headquarters building, which contains a 60,000 square feet state-of-the-art warehouse at 3 Seaview Boulevard.

KISS 2018

KISS Headquarter 25 Harbor Park Drive, Port Washington, NY

Purchased the new HQ Building.

We secured strongholds in key countries to establish the KISS dominance in Europe. The German Market, achieving over 90% market share in 2 years.