Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the nails last?

Recommended wear is up to 7 days.

How do I find my nail sizes?

First, find the best nail fit for each finger, and set aside in order. If you are in between sizes, choose the smaller nail size. Note nail size # (embossed on each nail) to make future application a breeze.

How do I apply the nails?

PREP: Clean your own nails with nail polish remover if needed; wash hands thoroughly with soap. Finally, wipe nails with alcohol on a cotton ball to remove any residue.

LONG-TERM WEAR: Apply a thin layer of nail glue all over the surface of both your natural nail and the back of the KISS nail. Align KISS nail starting at cuticle and press down for 5 seconds for the glue to get hard and press and hold longer to ensure adhesion.

SHORT-TERM WEAR: Apply a thin layer of nail glue on the center of the natural nail. Align nail starting from the cuticle and press down and hold for 5 seconds to ensure adhesion.

NOTE: If any glue seeps out, use the wooden cuticle pusher to wipe it away.

How do I remove KISS nails?

Trim and file surface to disrupt protective top coat. Use KISS Glue Off as directed (sold separately) or soak nails in acetone polish remover until soft. Wipe off softened nails & glue. Do not force or pull nails off.

Can I cut or file KISS nails?

Yes, trim and file nails to desired length or shape, but use care with jewel or design nails so you don't disrupt the accents.

Are KISS nails rewearable?

Nails are designed for one time use (except Majestic nails, which can be reworn up to 3X). Some customers apply nails using KISS Tabs to Go (sold separately) for the first wear, then remove the tabs and apply the nails using glue (included) for a second wear.

What if a nail falls off?

Ideally, apply a new nail from the original nail kit you used. Make sure your natural nail is clean and glue-free before reapplying a nail.

What can I do to get my KISS Nails to stay on longer?

Be sure to select the best KISS nail size for each of your nails (see FAQ #2, above).
Follow Prep and Long Wear directions in FAQ #3, above.
Press down on a nail for at least 15 seconds after application before moving onto the next nail.
Wait as long as possible after application to get nails wet, or to apply hand lotion or cuticle oil.