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Bond Extreme Hold

Extreme Hold

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Melt your lace and keep it in place! KISS Colors & Care Extreme Hold Lace Bond. Perfect for daily wig applications and touch-ups.

  • Extreme hold formula is long-lasting and fast drying
  • Safe on skin and hair, residue and build-up
  • Free, water and sweat resistant
  • Easy to remove
Use & Tips

1. Clean and remove all makeup/residue on the application area.
2. Apply a thin/even layer of KISS Colors&Care Lace Bond onto
the hairline.
3. Once the bond is tacky and clear, apply more layers as
needed for additional strength.
4. Apply the lace-front wig onto the hairline and hold securely
until the bond dries. For best removal and to protect your edges- please use
KISS Colors & Care Lace Bond Remover

Lace Bond - Extreme Hold
Lace Bond - Extreme Hold