Celebrity Manicurist shares her top nail tips & tricks, favorite products & DIY videos that help you get the look at home.

Meet the Mani Expert

Known for her crystal embellished nails, the California based mani maven Yvett Garcia is in high demand with her celebrity and influencer clients, including Nicki Minaj, Patrick Starrr, Rosalia, Jeffrey Star and Normani—not to mention her nearly 350,000 Instagram followers.

Garcia’s work has been featured on magazine covers, in cosmetics campaigns and on the Victoria’s Secret runway. Bling has always been a part of Yvett’s Nail Artistry, bringing the nail world to a whole other level.

Learn HOW-TO’S from Yvett


Tips & Tricks

#1 tip from the red carpet

Take a tip from the red carpet: Glue on or press-on ready to wear false nails can help your nails look camera-ready within minutes.

Gels vs. acrylics

Choose gel over acrylics: Gel false nails and nail polish colors are more flexible than acrylic, so they are more comfortable and durable in the long run.

How to hydrate

Hydrate your nails. Between false nails and/or nail polish wear, apply cuticle cream or petroleum jelly to your nails and cuticles a few times a day to add moisture and rejuvenate your nails and skin.

Nails no no's

Never use your nails in place of a tool for opening can tabs, scratching off labels, etc. Poking, prying and picking can damage your nail tips.

Yvett's FALL Picks

Yvett’s TRENDY Nail Looks