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Berry Velvet Mom & Toddler2pcs.

Pre-Tied Turban Set

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Get the perfect styling accessory for mom and baby with this matching set of crushed velvet pre-tied top knot turbans.

  • Designed with durable, soft and stretchy, luxury crushed velvet fabric with lurex for a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Perfect for any occasion, these one size fits all turbans come in toddler size 12-36M for your little one, and size for mom.
  • Extra comfortable with a combination of external softness and internal smoothness.
Use & Tips

  1. Start with clean, dry hair.

  2. You can wear a top knot turban on various hair lengths and types, but it's generally easier to work with if your hair is smooth and free from tangles.

  3. Hold the pre-tied turban with both hands, positioning the knot at the top and the wide part of the turban hanging down.

  4. The knot should be centered and facing forward.

  5. Place the turban on your head, with the knot positioned at the front of your forehead.

  6. Ensure that the wide part of the turban covers your entire head, including your ears.

  7. Gently pull the sides of the turban down and back to cover your hair fully.

  8. The fabric should sit snugly against your head without being too tight or uncomfortable.

Mommy & Me Crushed Velvet Pre-Tied Top Knot Turban Set - Berry