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Dermaplaner & Brow Shaper

Silky Edge

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Multitasking excess facial hair/peach fuzz remover and brow shaper/trimmer in one!

  • Quick and easy hair remover for face and neck
  • Effortlessly shapes and trims eyebrows
  • Lasts 3X longer than other shapers
  • Includes 2 bonus replacement blades
Use & Tips


  1. Trim brows if needed; brush brows before shaping.

  2. Carefully shave above the brows first in light, short, vertical strokes.

  3. Slowly shave any stray hairs under the brows in the same gentle motion.

  4. Wipe razor with paper towel to remove hair.


  1. Keep your skin taut and use light, short, vertical strokes with the edge of the razor.

  2. Dermaplane where needed and limit to only once per area.


  1. Place the protective cap on the existing razor before removing.

  2. Keep the blade side facing down; push the back of the blade head down and slide it off.

  3. Insert the new blade head using the same method, but pushing it upward.

  4. Replace the blade once a month or as needed.


stainless steel

KISS Silky Edge - Facial Hair Dermaplaner & Brow Shaper
KISS Silky Edge - Facial Hair Dermaplaner & Brow Shaper