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The Effortless Removal System

Quick Soak Off

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Easily soak off artificial nails, gel polish & glitter polish without damaging nails. Place foam pads into caps and slip onto fingers or toes. Touchscreen compatible cap for index finger so you can text!

  • 10 soak-off caps with grip dots to hold finger
  • Soak-off caps are washable, reusable & latex-free
  • 20 disposable foam pads
  • Manicure stick
  • Acetone not included
Use & Tips

HOW TO USE: Trim and file top surface of nail to remove top coat.
1. Soak end of foam pad with acetone.
2. Insert saturated foam pad wet end first into cap.
3. Place finger inside cap with nail surface touching the foam pad.
4. Allow to soak about 10 minutes.
5. Use manicure stick to help remove any product residue.
6. Repeat soaking if needed. Discard pad after each use.
EXPERT TIP: Using too much acetone will cause leaking. Use only enough to saturate one end of the foam pad. Insert fingers with S/L faced up. L Caps are meant for thumbs & toes.


Caution: Keep out of reach of children.

KISS Quick Soak-Off Removal System
KISS Quick Soak-Off Removal System