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Salon Dip

Nude Kit

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Translucent Nude Powder Kit has all you need for a DIY salon dip powder manicure.

  • No UV Light Needed
  • Gentle On Nails
  • Easy Soak-Off
  • Lasts 2 Weeks or More
  • Includes: 40 Coffin Tips, Base Gel, Top Gel, Activator, Nude Dip Powder, Sponge, Mini File/Buffer, Manicure Stick, Replacement Gel Brush
Use & Tips

Preparation: Protect working surface with paper towels. Clean natural nails of any polish using acetone-based nail polish remover. Push back cuticles with Manicure Stick. Trim and file nails; lightly buff nail lightly buff nail surface to remove surface oil. Remove dust; wipe nails clean with acetone polish remover or alcohol. How to Apply: (HINT: It is helpful to begin with dominant hand.) 1. Pour Color Dip Powder into Dip Tray using Manicure Stick. 2. Avoiding skin and cuticle area, apply a coat of Base Gel over entire surface area of one nail. (Note: Remove any gel on skin with Manicure Stick.)3. Immediately dip entire fingernail into powder by carefully sliding finger into Dip Tray. Shake off excess powder. REPEAT steps 2-3 on nine other nails. 4. Gently dust off excess powder from all ten nails with Sponge included. 5. One nail at a time, apply a second layer of Base Gel, WIPING BRUSH ONTO PAPER TOWEL IN BETWEEN EACH APPLICATION BEFORE PLACING BRUSH BACK INTO GEL BOTTLE, and then dip into Powder. Shake off excess powder.6. Avoiding skin, apply a generous amount of Activator to all ten nails.7. File to shape and buff smooth. Gently remove dust with Sponge.8. Avoiding skin, re-apply the Activator to all ten nails.9. Remove excess Activator by wiping nail surface with a dry paper towel (lint free.)10. Apply 2 even layers of Top Gel as you would top coat and let air dry for 5-10 minutes. Pour any remaining powder back into jar for future use. TIPS & TROUBLESHOOTING: For more coverage, add another layer of Base Gel and Powder after step 5 by dusting off nail surface with the Sponge, and apply an additional coat of Base Gel, (wiping bristles before placing back into bottle) and then dipping into the Color Powder before repeating steps 6-10. Use a light touch when applying Base Gel onto powder layer. Brushing too hard can pull off powder. If brush is not wiped off completely any Powder residue left on the nail will contaminate the Base Gel. Be sure to wipe brush onto paper towel in between layers before placing back into Base Gel bottle. Any Activator residue on the nail can cause the Top Gel brush to harden during step 10. Be sure to thoroughly wipe off excess Activator with a dry lint free wipe before finishing with Top Gel. In case Base Gel or Top Gel brush gets dirty, hard or gummy, use the Brush Softener to clean. Replace the Brush Softener brush with the dirty gel brush and lock the bottle. Let the brush stay in Brush Softener for 20-25 minutes. Take the brush out of Brush Softener Bottle and wipe it off. Place it back in the Gel bottle to use.Removal: 1. Buff off top layer of Color to break the seal. 2. Use KISS Soak Off Remover Caps? or KISS All or One Artificial Nail Remover. Follow instructions provided or wrap nails in acetone soaked foil wraps until color layer is soft (about 15-20minutes.)3. Gently remove softened overlay of color from the cuticle to free edge by using Manicure Stick. Wipe off any residue; repeat process as necessary. If irritation develops, discontinue use.


Ingredients: Base Gel: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, BHT - Made in Taiwan; Activator: Acetone, Ethyl Acetate, Fragrance, Dimethyltolylamine, Water (Aqua), Violet 2 - Made in USA; Top Gel: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, BHT - Made in Taiwan; Translucent Nude Dip Powder (On Point): Polyethylmethacrylate, Benzoyl Peroxide, Water (Aqua), Titanium Dioxide, Red 6 Lake, Yellow 5 Lake, Iron Oxides - Made in USA; Tips: ABS Plastic - Made in China

KISS Salon Dip Nude Kit