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Manicure Kit

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Pro quality 14-piece at-home and travel manicure kit has all you need for complete nail grooming and touch-ups!

  • Includes: nail clipper, cuticle nipper, nail brush, cuticle pusher & trimmer, 3 emery boards, 1 metal nail file, 1 large nail file, buffing block, wood manicure stick, scissors, travel/storage pouch
Use & Tips

  1. Use the tools in your manicure kit to cut, trim, file, smooth, and buff your nails.

  2. Be careful of sharp and pointy edges.

  3. Add polish if desired.

  4. When finished, place the tools in the storage pouch.


Keep out of the reach of children.

KISS Salon Results Manicure Kit Nail Accessory
KISS Salon Results Manicure Kit Nail Accessory