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All-In-One Kit Lace Bond Glue & Remover

Extreme Hold

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Lace without a trace with KISS Colors & Care All-In-One Wig Lace Bond & Remover Kit. Humidity and sweat-resistant formula offers lasting strength for the perfect melt.

  • Residue-free bond creates a seamless finish with no flaking and super-fast drying.
  • Lace Bond can last up to 7 days with minimal lifting to keep up with any active lifestyle.
  • Our gentle foaming Bond Remover. Gently melts away any glue residue after taking off your wig for an effortless, clean removal.
Use & Tips

Bond: 1. Clean and remove all makeup/residue on the application area. 2. Apply a thin/even layer of KISS Colors&Care Lace
Bond onto the hairline. 3. Once the bond is tacky and clear, apply more layers as needed for additional strength. 4. Apply the
lace-front wig onto the hairline and hold securely until the bond dries. NOTE: For best removal and to protect your edges_x0002_please use KISS Colors&Care Lace Bond Remover
Remover: 1. Gently lift the wig and apply the remover onto glued areas. 2. Massage the product in. The area will get soapy
as it cleanses the glue. 3. Let the remover sit for 1-2 minutes. 4. Remove any remaining residue with water

KCC Lace Bond Kit
KCC Lace Bond Kit