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Adhesive Spray Ultimate Hold

Lace Bond

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Melt your lace and keep it in place! KISS Colors & Care Ultimate Hold Lace Bond Adhesive Spray. Perfect for daily wig applications and touch-ups.

  • Ultimate Hold formula is long-lasting and fast drying
  • Safe on skin and hair, residue and build-up
  • Free, water and sweat resistant
  • Easy to remove
Use & Tips

  1. Prepare the hairline by gently cleaning it with alcohol and leaving to dry.

  2. Hold the nozzle 2-4 inches away from the hairline and spray evenly across.

  3. Wait until the formula becomes tacky, and reapply/wait to achieve desired tackiness.

  4. Firmly position the lace into place and wait several minutes for it to set.

  5. To remove, wash hair gently with shampoo or an oil-based product.

KCC Lace Bond Spray Ultimate Hold
KCC Lace Bond Spray Ultimate Hold